In order to enjoy your hand-tied bouquet for as long as possible, please have a clean vase, add fresh water at room temperature.

Remove the packaging, allowing the flowers to breathe. Please do not cut the binding ribbon if you would liked to keep them arranged as they are.

Cut each stem at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors. Place the cut flowers in the vase and then move the vase to the desired place, away from direct sunlight, radiators and air conditioning units. If the flowers are placed in extreme heat it will shorten the life span.

Maintain your flowers by removing any dead or dying flowers and any foliage that has fallen in the water.  Top up with clean water daily if necessary. Ideally, re-cut the stems and change the water every other day. Note very cold or hot water will stress the flowers so best to use water at room temperature.

Floral Arrangements

Here are some tips on how to best take care of your flower arrangement that has been created in floral foam, such as our Valencia boxes.

In order to ensure the longest life for your flowers, top up the container with clean water at room temperature as floral foam can dry out very quickly. Please remove the lid of the Valencia box and pour in a glass of water very slowly through the centre of the arrangement. Place your arrangement away from direct sunlight and radiators